Chef Pat Nolan Catering is a privately owned catering and planning company based in Monroe, Louisiana. As a Northeast Louisiana leader in the catering industry, Chef Pat, and her team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality in cuisine, event spaces and planning, and overall customer experience. We understand the importance of having a professional team with high expectations, and our clients feel the difference.

Chef Pat Nolan Catering

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Meet Chef Pat

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Chef Pat has been living and serving in the NELA area for a long time, and she loves to cook. Her journey into the culinary world started at home in the kitchen of her mother and grandmother. As a young lady, she spent countless hours watching them whirl around the family kitchen. These experiences provided her with ample time to learn what it truly means to “be a good cook”.

As time went by, she would come to learn that cooking for people is more than just filling their bellies with delicious home cooked food. There is so much more to it. The real value is making the connection between the chef’s hand, and guest’s tastes. The moment starts when the first bite is taken, which can only take seconds to finish but lasts a lifetime. That’s because every dish Chef Pat prepares is made with love.

World Cuisine Culture

Eat masterfully prepared food from distant cultures of the world at your next catered function! In the past, Chef Pat has created menus featuring dishes from Chile, Brazil, Jamaica, and Cuba. Do you have a taste for something that may be non-typical for around this area or something festive for your next event? There is a good chance that Chef Pat can craft it for you and your guests to enjoy just like you were there!